What is the date for Bike to the Beat 2023?
It will take place on Saturday, August 5th, 2023.
How do I register for the ride?
More information on 2023 Bike to the Beat registration is coming soon!
When and where is packet pickup?
Packet pickup will be at both Christ the King Church in Combined Locks and The Abbey in De Pere on Friday, August 4th from 9:00am to 6:00pm. Packets are also available for pickup at Christ the King Church in Combined Locks & The Abbey in De Pere on Saturday, August 5th from 7:00am to 10:00am.
What are the routes for 2023? (Subject to change as planning progresses)
7 mile - Click Here | 10 mile - Click Here | 28 mile - Click Here | 57 mile - Click Here

8 mile - Click Here | 29 mile - Click Here | 48 mile - Click Here | 57 mile - Click Here

I've signed up for this year's ride. How can I verify my registration or manage my registration info?
More information on 2023 Bike to the Beat registration verification and management is coming soon!
Where can I buy Bike to the Beat merchandise?
Our 2023 Bike to the Beat Swag Store is open until midnight on July 9, though if you're ordering a jersey, you must order it by June 15 to guarantee receipt by Aug. 5. You can also pick up Bike to the Beat merch at the event itself.
Is the entire course paved?
Yes, all trails and roads in the course are paved. There is no gravel.
How safe is the ride?
We will have a fully trained paramedics team throughout the course who are specialized in dealing with medical situations with our event. The ride has marshals spread out across the ride to look after and help the riders through their journey. We ensure that there are breaks spaced out for riders to take a rest.
How is the ride supported? For example will there be food/drink stations?
We will have eight food and beverage stations, plus refreshment stops located throughout the route.
What if I get tired on the bike ride? Are there facilities for a break on the route?
Yes, there are plenty of stops along the course if you wish to take a break. All riders will also receive phone numbers to call, in case they're unable to complete the ride.
Will there be someone to look at my bike in case of mechanical failure on the route?
Yes, bike mechanics are available on route but as a rider it is your responsibility to ensure that your bike is roadworthy. Repairs will be basic, for example: Air, brakes and gear checks which will be carried out at the food/music stations. If you are unable to complete the ride with your bike, you can call one of the phone numbers (will be provided at ride time) to request a course transport vehicle to pick you up.
Do I need to wear a helmet during the ride?
YES! For your safety, helmets are required and must be worn at all times while you are cycling. We recommend that you visit your local cycling shop as they will be able to advise you on the correct sized helmet to fit your head comfortably.
But seriously... are helmets REALLY required?
YES! We are strict on this rule. You will not be allowed to participate in Bike to the Beat without a helmet. All passengers must have a helmet, too (kids riding in trailers, carriers, etc.).
Can bicyclists have their child(ren) ride in a bike seat, bike trailer, or trailer bike?
Certainly! But remember, everyone must be wearing a helmet.
What is the minimum age for entry?
There is no minimum age to participate - families are welcome! Note: be sure to register every participant in your family/team if they’d like a t-shirt. This includes kids riding in a bike seat, bike trailer, or trailer bike.
Are dogs/pets allowed to participate with riders?
No, for the safety of everyone participating in the event, animals will not be allowed.
Where can I park my car for Bike to the Beat?
Those departing from De Pere: there is ample parking around The Abbey.

For those leaving from Combined Locks: please park in the Kimberly High School parking lot.

What kind of food will be available throughout the course?
Food will vary from station to station and will include bagels, muffins, cheese curds, root beer floats, chicken wings, brats, sliders, ice cream, and more! Food items are subject to change without notice.
I'm coming from out of town and need a place to stay the night in DePere. Any recommendations?
You got it! The Kress Inn in DePere is offering a 10% discount on rooms. Call 920-403-3068 to reserve a room and mention rate code LGROUP, or make your reservation online at the Kress Inn website.
Will the ride still go on if there is inclement weather?
Unfortunately, there is no rain date and no refunds will be given due to inclement weather.
How do I volunteer for Bike to the Beat?
To view volunteer opportunities and sign up, please visit our comevolunteer.com webpage.
Are recumbent bikes allowed?
Yes! The only bikes not allowed are motorized bicycles. However, battery assisted bicycles are fine, if needed for medical reasons.